A block of time is reserved for your appointment.  If you need to cancel please give at least 24 business hours of advance notice. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm. For example, if you have an appointment at 4 pm on Monday February 7th, you would need to cancel by 5 pm, Friday February 4th. Should you cancel within less than 24 business hours of the designated time, or fail to appear for an appointment, you will be charged the full fee for the visit.

Treatment at the Atlanta Stress Center consists of medications management and/or therapy.  Medications are not prescribed until your initial evaluation has been completed, so please make sure that you have enough medication from your previous treating physician. Depending on your needs, follow-up appointments for medication and therapy will be for 30-60 minutes each. 
Please bring all your past medical and psychiatric records (and contact information for previous physicians and therapists), including laboratory or other test results.  Also bring contact information of your current medical providers so that Dr. Guy can coordinate your care.

For more information please call: 470-296-1636

Your first visit at the Atlanta Stress Center will consist of a 60 minute evaluation with Dr. Guy.  During the evaluation you will be asked questions about your current symptoms and your past medical and psychiatric history.  We will talk about what causes you stress such as; family, work or school, and your relationships.  Finally, we will talk about your hopes and goals of treatment and together decide if the Atlanta Stress Center is right for you and how we can help. 



Medications can be prescribed after the initial evaluation has been completed. Established patients are given enough medication and refills until the next office visit, so refills are not necessary over the phone. This is to limit medication errors and to protect your safety. If you have missed or cancelled an appointment, you will be provided with enough medication until the re-scheduled visit, within 1-2 weeks of the missed appointment.

What To Expect


Atlanta Stress 

Call Us:  470-296-1636


$350 for a 60-minute initial consultation for adults, adolescents, and children.
$175 for 30-minute medication follow-up appointments.

$200 for 30-minute Suboxone medication follow-up appointments.
Attorneys please contact Atlanta Stress Center for information regarding criminal and civil forensic evaluations