Opiate Addiction

Do you have a problem with opioids?

Buprenorphine (Suboxone) is an extremely effective way to end the downward addiction spiral that potentially brings loss of your family, loss of your job, and losing your self-esteem.  Opioid addiction can also potentially end with loss of life.

Opioid addiction is a problem that is characterized by loss of control.  Maybe you were prescribed medication for pain and then started to take more and more of the medicine until you realized it was out of control.  Maybe you liked the feeling you got from taking an opioid, that first ‘high.’ Then, you started chasing after that high by taking more and more until you just couldn’t stop.  Or maybe you tried an opioid and it made you feel ‘okay,’ for the first time in a long time; and you just kept taking more and more trying to fill that empty hole inside you and realized that it’s never enough.  The hole keeps getting deeper and deeper, you keep on doing more things that you swore you’d never do to get more, and the emptiness, pain, and humiliation just gets overwhelming.  No matter why you started, you realized now that you need help to stop now. 

Buprenorphine (Suboxone) is a medication treatment for chronic opioid addiction.  This medication helps you give up the opioids, get through the withdrawal, and cope with the cravings.  Once you stop abusing the opioids you can begin building your life again.  Medication is only part of the solution.  Counseling and family support are important parts of the rebuilding process.

I will meet with you, go over your addiction history, and together we will decide if buprenorphine is the right medication for you. Buprenorphine should not be taken with other illegal drugs or alcohol because it may suppress your breathing.   Buprenorphine must be kept in a locked or very safe location because it is extremely dangerous for children.  Buprenorphine can rarely cause liver problems and we will check for that with regular blood work.

Buprenorphine begins with an induction phase where we find the right dose so you don’t feel any cravings or withdrawal.  In the first couple months we will meet more frequently to make sure you are adjusting well to the medication and are successfully no longer using any other opioid drugs.  The maintenance phase occurs when we have found the right dose of medication and we will meet every month.  This phase can last quite some time, years even.  At some point you may want to try to completely stop taking buprenorphine.  Many people have successfully stopped taking the medication.  I will work closely together with you to help meet your goals.

Urine drug screens are required before every appointment.  There are no exceptions.  You will get your drug screens done outside of the office several days prior to your next appointment so that I have the results before you are seen.  The lab is:  AnyLabTest Now! (anylabtestnow.com / 678-990-8527).  This is a cash only pay lab.  If you have insurance that will cover your labs you may use that lab as long as the results are provided to me prior to your appointments. 

Relapse is part of the disease of addiction (not a requirement) and is NOT grounds for immediate treatment termination.  Should you have a relapse, together we will find solutions to help you successfully stop abusing opioid drugs.  Relapse means you need more help.  This could mean increasing the weekly group therapy, adding individual therapy appointments, increasing physician appointments, or adding family therapy appointments.  I want you to be successful and these are the actions it requires to be successful.  Staying clean is mostly about what actions you are willing to take to meet your goals.


Initial MD evaluation:                                   60 minutes:                $300

Follow up MD appointments:                     30 minutes:                $200

Urine drug screens:  (prior to each MD appointment)                variable

[AnyLabTest Now! (anylabtestnow.com / 678-990-8527]               


You will meet with Dr. Guy initially to evaluate for appropriateness of buprenorphine medication treatment and to screen for other psychiatric problems.  Generally, as long as you are doing well, you will follow up with Dr. Guy, in two weeks, then in three week, then every four weeks.  You will be required to have been to the lab at least three days prior to your scheduled appointment with Dr. Guy so that the results will be returned to him before your appointment.  If this is not completed it will considered a relapse.

You will be required to attend group therapy weekly for the first two months of treatment.  If you are doing well (no relapses or problems) you will no longer be required to attend.

Any relapses during treatment will require increased treatment because something isn’t working.  I want you to successfully stop abusing opioids. Relapse doesn’t mean failure or that you will no longer be treated.  It does mean that more will be expected of you, such as more frequent appointments with Dr. Guy, or more frequent group therapy attendance, or starting individual therapy.  


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