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Physician psychiatric medical care (also in Spanish) for adults, adolescents, and children.

  • Medication Treatment
  • Individual/couples/family psychotherapy
  • Criminal and civil forensic evaluations

At Atlanta Stress Center, we believe in close collaboration with other treating professionals. We work with primary care physicians, therapists, and medical specialty providers to promote the best integrated care possible


Length of treatment is individualized and determined collaboratively between you and your psychiatrist.  Medication treatment for most psychiatric disorders is generally at least one year and therapy treatment can last from weeks to many years.  Patients with complicated problems (for example more than one psychiatric disorder or multiple other medical problems) or with symptoms resistant to treatment may be seen for many years.
The frequency of visits depends on the specific case.  Some patients will be appropriate for weekly psychotherapy sessions to continue the process of addressing current or past issues or pursuing goals of increased self-awareness, pattern change, or interpersonal growth.  For patients who are seen for medications alone, bi-weekly or monthly visits may be appropriate.  Patients are seen frequently during initial medication treatment to evaluate efficacy and monitor for side-effects.  Patients on a stable medication regimen may be seen 3-4 times a year.  Continuous monitoring is important to ensure that you remain well..

Atlanta Stress Center approaches mental health treatment in an integrative manner. The whole-person approach -- designed to treat the person, not just the disease looks at:

  • Biological contributions (medical problems, family history of psychiatric problems, substance abuse)
  • Psychological dynamics
  • Social factors influencing life (family, work, intimate relationships)

We believe that by addressing these three spheres in combination, patients have the best chance of moving forward in their lives.

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